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About JARZ

At JARZ Design Studio, we transcend traditional design boundaries to create spaces that resonate with everyone. Based in Denver, CO, with a branch in Santa Barbara, CA, our studio melds architecture with Environmental Psychology and Universal Design to create spaces that are inclusive, stimulating, and emotionally resonant.

Jenny D. Arzberger

Jenny D. Arzberger, CEO of JARZ Design Studio, leverages her unique background as a neurodiverse individual, parent to special needs children, and former special education teacher to extend her expertise beyond educational settings into residential design. With over 20 years of experience, her work is deeply rooted in Universal Design principles, focusing on creating adaptive, inclusive spaces for the neurodiverse community. Jenny's dedication shines through in her custom designs for children's rooms, sensory gyms, and eating areas, ensuring these environments are safe, comforting, and accessible. Her holistic approach to design embodies her commitment to fostering environments that support and celebrate the diversity of all individuals, making her a vanguard in promoting inclusivity in both educational and residential spaces.

The JARZ Philosophy

Inspired by the belief that architecture shapes our experiences, we delve deep into environmental psychology to understand and implement design elements that foster inclusion, accessibility, and well-being. From the acoustic ambiance to the play of light and color, every detail is meticulously tailored to evoke positive emotional responses and cater to the diverse needs of all users.

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The JARZ Mission

To redefine the essence of space, making it universally accessible and enjoyable. We specialize in designing residential areas, educational facilities, and healthcare centers, ensuring that each project reflects our commitment to Universal Design - where age, size, ability, or disability are no barriers to an exceptional living experience.

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JARZ Services

  • Innovative Residential Designs: Transforming houses into inclusive homes for children and adults alike.

  • Educational Facilities: Creating learning spaces that inspire and accommodate every student.

  • Healthcare Environments: Designing healthcare settings that comfort and heal, tailored to the unique needs of patients and staff.

  • Partnerships with SAC: Leveraging our collaboration with SAC to secure grants and funding, making your dream projects a reality.

  • Comprehensive Consultations: From interior design brainstorming to public speaking events, we offer a wide range of services to bring your vision to life.

  • Clinical Team Support: Enhancing our designs with expert medical insights into neurodiversity and individual needs.

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Understand what's available:

How do you win?

We: perform the research

So you: know there's help

We: understand the criteria

So you: can shape a solution

Do you qualify?

Obtain funding

We: determine your eligibility

So you: can dream of possibilities

We: execute the application

So you: can help your family

For example, you might obtain grant money to build a sensory gym at home.

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Partnerships & Recommendations

Safe, reliable video-based movement monitoring for at-risk children and adults.

Transforming lives and building a kinder more inclusive future.

Giving children the tools to succeed, one milestone at a time.

The Ground Robotic Assistant for Care Enablement

Improving the quality of life.

Helping parents & guardians of Neurodiverse children navigate the special education process.

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Let Us Help You Reach Your Goals

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Design is a tool, an intervention of sorts, that is given the authority to alleviate unmet neurodiverse needs through evidence-based and Universal Design practices. My career focuses on maintaining the connection between designing to create aesthetically pleasing spaces and designing to meet the needs of all individuals INCLUSIVELY.

Jenny D. Arzberger, B.Arch, ASID


Denver CO | Santa Barbara CA



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